Administrator Spotlight: Felicia Pollard

Felicia Pollard, Assistant Principal at Lafayette Upper Elementary School

By Caleb Bedillion

While her classmates wavered, dropping classes, switching majors and settling into that fifth-year victory lap, Felicia Pollard never doubted her path.

“I just always felt like a teacher,” Pollard said.

A lifelong learner and passionate educator, Pollard, 35, is beginning her fifth year as assistant principal at Lafayette Upper Elementary School. She credits the example of her mother, a particularly memorable kindergarten teacher and her own enduring sense that she belonged in education.

“I loved the structure of school. I loved the social aspect of school,” Pollard said. “I loved every bit of it.”

She’s seen the inside of a good many classrooms, as both pupil and instructor.

A Pontotoc native, Pollard completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Mississippi in 2005 but stayed around for an extra year and immediately earned a master’s degree. Her career began with stints teaching second grade in the Tupelo Public School District and the Pontotoc City School District.

Second grade was always, she found, a time of great discovery. Children really begin to look around and to discover the world around them and their place in it.

“I love that spark, that moment when you can make a child believe they are unstoppable and they can do anything,” Pollard said.

At the urging of her then-superintendent, Pollard entered the Principal Corps program at the University of Mississippi. That program eventually led her to her current position, where she helps lead a team determined to make each school year better than the one before.

“The Lord places you on a journey,” Pollard said. “As a young person looking forward to a career you think you know what’s best, but the journey is so much better.”



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  1. Felicia , so very proud of you ! What great accomplishments you made in your career. Prayers to you during your days of leadership.

    Brenda Williams Gotlen

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