For Your Thanksgiving Table: Get-To-Know-You Bingo

If you’re having a big Thanksgiving gathering there may be people in attendance who don’t know each other very well, especially if Turkey Day is the only day each year that everyone gets together. So, whether you’re hosting a friendsgiving where lots of friend groups are coming together for the first time or attending a Thanksgiving dinner with extended family you haven’t seen in a while, this game of bingo is a great way to break the ice.

Or, check out our 2019 edition of Thanksgiving Bingo. We’ve got a whole new board of questions!

Here’s how to play: Everyone gets a bingo card. Then, to get bingo (five spaces checked off in a row, column or diagonally), you must find a person at your gathering who matches the description in the spaces on the card. For example, to mark off the space that says, “plays an instrument,” you must find someone who plays an instrument and have them initial that space. First person to get bingo wins! It’s a fun way to chat with people who you might not have chatted with and learn new things about everyone.

Click here to download the bingo card. Then just print as many as you need and you’re ready to play!

Check out our 2019 Thanksgiving Bingo to see our updated questions!



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