Three Wedding Cake Toppers You Can DIY

Why buy a cake topper when you can DIY a personalized one? Here are three ideas for easily adding a personal touch to the cake on your wedding day or even at engagement parties or showers.

Alphabet Magnets Cake Topper

Make your cake say whatever you want using alphabet magnets, skewers and some spray paint. See the video above for instructions.


Wire Initials Cake Topper

What you’ll need: About 40” of aluminum wire of your choosing, pliers, tape, spray paint, skewers, hot glue gun and glue

Directions: Using both your hands and the pliers, start bending the wire into the shape of your word. Use tape to hold the wire in place while you work. When you’re done, remove the tape and use the pliers to perfect and adjust the letters. Attach one skewer to each end of your word on the back using hot glue. Spray paint the topper with your chosen color and let dry.


Instax Photo Topper

What you’ll need: Instax photo, popsicle sticks, mini clothespins, acrylic paint, hot glue gun and glue

Directions: Paint popsicle stick and mini clothespins. Using hot glue, attach one flat side of the clothespin to one side of the popsicle stick. Be sure the opening of the clothespin is facing up. Once dry, clip Instax photo of your choice into the clothespin.



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