Top Interior Design Trends: 2022

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New year, new trends–and a whole lot of new interior design styles to take part in. Since we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors, the need for self-expression begins with what we put into our homes. So, take a look at some of the top interior design trends of 2022. You might just find yourself going to your nearest home goods store to pick up an item or two.


1. Bold Colors and Designs

A touch of the 70s is back! Shades of green and all things chocolate (and we don’t mean candy), are gracing our walls and décor this season. In 2022, several people are embracing darker hues, trading in neutrals and pastels for earthy browns. Anything from paint to pillows, or a simple touch of leather, will instantly bring warmth to any atmosphere. Throw in a funky design to contrast otherwise dark color schemes. 


2. Canopy Beds

All things eventually recycle themselves, and the canopy bed is no different. Popular years ago, the canopy bed is predicted to have another hot moment in 2022. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep in your own relaxing space. So, the simple, rustic, and romantic feel of the canopy bed places an elegant and classic touch to an ordinary room. Aside from that, they are statement pieces that command attention. Meant to make a room feel more regal, you can choose to hang a sheet or leave it bare this year. 


3. Vintage vs. New

Combining something old with something new seems to be all the rage this year, and it puts a very unique look to a modern lifestyle (and no, we aren’t talking about weddings!). By including a bit of the past with the present, each touch of vintage gives every room a story to tell and brings people a sense of comfort. Repurposing something old and damaged creates a new, stylish, and sustainable feel to any room it’s included in. It will instantly bring your home to the next level. So, vamp up that old lamp, or sand down your grandmother’s dining room table and help bring something old back to life again. 


4. Bringing the Outdoors In

With more and more time spent indoors, it is up to us to re-immerse ourselves into the greenery and foliage of the outside world. This need for green has inspired many to bring the outdoors inside, creating green spaces or nature-inspired surfaces to look upon. Having plants indoors can positively influence your home and health by relieving stress, boosting creativity, productivity, and focus, among other things. So, start small with a succulent or the inclusion of natural surfaces to create that visual connection with nature. 


5. Multifunctional Spaces

With the rise in working from home, creating multipurpose rooms is a shoo-in for 2022. Whether you’re putting an office in your workout room or the kid’s playroom is doubling as a homework room, downsizing is a big to-do this year. Walls along the dining room are fitted for shelves, or guest rooms fitted with desks. With people spending more time in their homes, spaces must work double-duty.