Valentine’s Box DIY

Take your child’s v-day box up a notch with this hot air balloon DIY. It’s quick, easy, and uses supplies you might already have on hand!

What You’ll Need:

  • small wooden or wicker basket
  • pre-cut name tag (or cut your own from construction paper)
  • sharpie
  • scissors
  • patterned straws
  • paper doily
  • washi tape
  • balloon (we chose heart-shaped to be more festive!)

Step 1: Attach straws to balloon using tape. It helps to have the basket nearby during this step so you can make sure your straws are far enough apart.

Step 2: Cut the lace edge off the paper doily.

Step 3: Apply decorative tape, gathering as you go to create a ruffled effect.

Step 4: Attach to balloon, covering tops of straws.

Step 5: Apply hot glue to ends of straws and press onto the inside of the basket. Hold for a few moments to ensure it sticks.

Step 6: Write child’s name on name tag.

Step 7: Cut (4) pieces of decorative tape that are approximately two inches long.

Step 8: Stick name tag on the front of the basket, applying pressure to each piece of tape for a few seconds.

Step 9: Pray the balloon makes it to school.

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