Vow Fitness Studio + a Mommy & Me Fitness Routine

With light neutrals and a calming ambience, VOW is a space welcoming everyone, just as they are. Owner Roxie Clayton wants the studio to be a safe place for everyone–expecting moms, athletes, working professionals, those recovering from an injury. No matter where you fit, there is probably a class for you. And Clayton is always adding new ones to reach more people.

“VOW means just that,” Clayton said. “To make a commitment to yourself to take care of your body. To carve an hour out of your day to focus on your overall wellness: mentally, physically and emotionally.”

From barre to yoga to cardio, classes are taught every day. Some start as early as 5 a.m. with a few lunch classes and evening classes sprinkled throughout the week.

As a fairly new mom to Perry, Clayton has adjusted to the new phase of life by finding the balance.

“It’s OK if I share a bowl of ice cream with my child and don’t work out every day,” Clayton said. “Finding a routine and taking time for yourself is important and I would encourage new moms to find a class once a week that works for their schedule, even if it means bringing the baby every now and then.”

With the new year comes what appears to be a fresh start, and Clayton encourages the community to not get caught up in all the resolution-making madness, but rather focus on making lifestyle changes.

For most, the hardest part of working out is getting through the door of a workout space. While Clayton can relate to making excuses for why people can’t make time to workout, she also knows the payoff is worth the dedication.

“You will feel better about yourself and, in turn, be more at peace,” Clayton said. “I also remind myself that my body is a gift. I am fortunate enough to have my health and I should never take that for granted.”


Mom + Fitness

Let’s just say it: Being a mom is hard, y’all. On top of taking care of a tiny human who is totally dependent, most women want to get back in shape or, perhaps more importantly, need to generate endorphins to be mentally healthy. And for most, a trip to the gym isn’t always an option. Roxie Clayton is a new mom to 14-month-old Perry and she understands the struggle. Sometimes, her daughter joins her for a workout class in Clayton’s new studio, VOW, but for those who can’t make it to a class, she has a few workouts where you can get your heart rate up while incorporating your baby. Win-win!


Plank Jumping Jacks

Start in plank, jump out and in, then side to side; you can also kick your legs up and alternate between each. Do this for the duration of one song to get your heart rate up.

Grand Plie with Baby

Hold baby or wear baby in a wrap with good support if small enough. Plie up and down, lifting baby above the head when up and to the floor when down. An extra move would be to rise on toes when up to work calf muscles.

Arm Curls

Start by holding baby securely at your abdomen. Lift the baby to your chest. Repeat.

Plank Jumping Jacks

Stand with feet a good distance apart. Bend your upper body down and guide arms through legs to touch baby or have them grab your hands. Then raise your upper body up halfway, straighten the back and move arms out to the side. Repeat.

Plank Downward Dog

Start in plank pose. Go into downward dog pose. You can do a modified Chaturanga movement to kiss baby and then lift back up into plank.

Rockabye Baby

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Swing baby up to one side and back down. You can lift on toes, go into a deeper lunge or do arm curls with the baby for greater challenge.

Baby Bridge Lifts

Start with lying back down on mat. Place baby straddled on stomach. Bend knees and lift bottom up as high as you can and go back down. Repeat.

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