Wine Bottle Tiki Torch DIY

Keep the bugs away (and put those empty wine bottles to use) on Memorial Day weekend with this easy tiki torch upgrade!



What you’ll need:

(2) Tiki torch replacement wicks

(2) 1/2′ x 3/8′ copper couplings with stoppers

(3) small rocks, marbles or marble pieces (shown)

(2) empty wine bottles

Tiki torch fluid

Teflon tape



Step 1: Place rocks, marbles or marble pieces in clean, dry glass bottles. Fill one-third of the bottle.



Step 2: Pour citronella fluid into bottle until it is filled to the base of the neck. For easier pouring, use a funnel.



Step 3: Wrap Teflon tape around the wider end of the copper coupling until it will not fit into the top of the bottle without force.



Step 4: Thread replacement wick through the coupling, leaving an inch of wick at the top for lighting.



Step 5: Place wick and coupling in wine bottle, pressing down until the tape is no longer showing.



Step 5: Light and enjoy!



When the torches are not in use, place the copper cap over the wick to keep it dry.

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