You Can Do This Full-Body Workout in Just 10 Minutes

Fitness instructor Jacuana Sykes owns Selfish Fitness Studio on West Main Street in Tupelo. We asked her to walk us through a 10-minute full-body workout that could easily be done at home. This workout works your legs, arms and abs while also getting your heart rate up for some good cardio. To do this workout, you’ll just need a little bit of open space and some hand weights.

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1. High Knees (1 minute)

Alternate bringing each of your knees up to your chest. Your chest and leg should form a 90-degree angle. Do continuously for one minute.  

3. Shoulder-Width Squats (20 seconds)

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and squat, sitting back and dropping your body to a seated position.

5. Squats with Calf Raise (1 minute)

Do regular squats with your feet shoulder-width apart, but push yourself up onto your toes when you stand up, flexing your calf muscles. Repeat for one minute.

7. Lunges (30 seconds each leg)

Do these lunges with or without weights, whichever you prefer. If using weights, hold one weight in each hand and keep arms down by your sides. Start in a standing position with one leg stretched behind you and drop your body, bending your knees so that your legs each form a 90 degree angle. Repeat for 30 seconds then switch legs.

9. “Crazy 8s” Tricep Pull-Ups (1 minute)

These are similar to the other Crazy 8s — you’ll still do sets of eight, alternating arms — but this time you’ll be working your triceps. Hold the weight in your hand with your arm straight up and close to your ear. Slowly lower the weight behind your head, bending your arm to a 90-degree angle, and then extend your arm back to straight.

11. Plank (1 minute)

Hold either a fully-extended (pictured) or a modified plank (arms bent, resting body weight on forearms instead of with arms extended), making sure your body is straight, for one minute.

13. Crunches (30 seconds)

Do regular crunches for 30 seconds to finish your workout.

2. Closed-Leg Squats (20 seconds)

Do these squats as you would a normal squat but with your feet together. Drop your body slowly to a seated position and then return to standing.

4. Wide-Leg Squats (20 seconds)

Walk your feet out beyond shoulder-width so that your legs are spread wide. Do squats for 20 seconds. As you return to a standing position after each squat, be sure to pull your hips forward, tightening your glutes.

6. Jumping Squats (1 minute)

These squats add a little cardio to the mix. At the end of each squat, when you get to a standing position, jump straight up. Be sure to point your toes and straighten your legs.

8. “Crazy 8s” Bicep Lifts (1 minute)

For this move, use whatever weights you feel comfortable with. Do eight bicep lifts on one arm, then switch to your other arm. Repeat sets of eight, alternating arms, for one minute. The goal is to do as many sets of eight as you can in that time.

10. Push-ups (3 sets of 10 or about 1 minute)

Depending on what you’re comfortable with, you can do regular or modified push-ups. Whichever you choose, just be sure to keep your body in a plank position as you do them.

12. Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)

Get into a full-extended plank position and alternate bringing your knees in, pulling them under your chest and then pushing them back out to plank position.

Cool Down: Don’t Forget To Stretch!

Sykes recommends always stretching at the end of a workout. Some of her go-to stretches include: Cross each arm in front of your body, reach behind your head and grab your elbow with the other arm, put one leg out wide and bend the other knee, lunge one foot forward and keep one foot back, and body rolls to stretch the back and ab muscles.

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